Download a paper copy of booster request policy and request form.

Tillamook Booster Club Funding Request Policy:

  1.   Any individual, group, activities club, or sports team requesting funds from the Tillamook Booster Club will be required to complete a funding request form and schedule an appointment to present the request at a regularly scheduled Tillamook Booster Club Meeting.
  1. The presentation should be made by a representative of the organization such as a teacher, administrator, advisor, coach or sponsor.  The presenter should have as much information as possible about the project. We also request that the presenter NOT be a member of the Tillamook Booster Club Board.
  1. If the project will involve capital improvements to existing Tillamook School District facilities or construction of new facilities or alteration to District property, your request must include detailed diagrams and site plan.  In this case we also request that you inform the District Office of your project prior to submitting your plans to the Tillamook Booster Club. If the District Office has approved your project, please include written documentation of their approval along with your funding request.  District approval of capital improvement projects will be necessary before Tillamook Booster Club funds can be granted.
  1. Types of Funding Available:

      GRANT FUNDS:  These are provided for various projects, activities, or asset purchases.  Grants are issued as a donation and generally benefit the students and citizens of the Tillamook School District. Grants may be issued as a matching fund to co-share the cost of projects, activities, or purchases.

      LOAN FUNDS:  These funds are provided to projects with the stipulation that a portion of the funds issued be repaid to the Tillamook Booster Club.  Normally we will request that the agreed percentage of the loan be repaid within one year or less form the date funds are made available to the project.  The percentage of repayment will be determined by various factors including the number of students who will benefit from the project, other funding sources, etc.  As the loan funds are repaid they will become available for reinvesting in future funding request.


Request money from the Booster form:

Use this form to request a grant or loan from the Tillamook Booster Club.

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